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Busy New York Port

We now service 20% of the New York port.

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Trade Freighter Project

This ship is due for its first voyage in 3 weeks.


Welcome to

Underwater Surveying

Our underwater surveying team has 15 years of experience and is ready to do the surveying you need for your construction.  We double check all of the safety standards to make sure that your construction will not be delayed due to safety hazards with the site.  We will also advise on the best contsructions methods that will save you money on your project.  Choosing to build with Build Aquatic will greatly decrease this cost.

We have a large archive of previous projects.  Feel free to search for them here.

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Off Shore Oil Rig Maintenance

We recently finished up a 2 week repair job on this rig and it is now fully operational again.



  • Oil Rigs
  • Ship Construction
  • Underwater Buildings
  • Port and Dock Construction
  • Ferries
  • Landscaping and Dredging
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